Avocado Egg Cups

There's nothing that makes a savory breakfast better than avocado. I hold so firm to this statement that I make it a point to check whether a restaurant has avocado before going if I'm going out to breakfast. Therefore, it goes without saying that I am a huge fan of any recipe in which avocado is the main ingredient. If you're an avocado lover like me, this one is for you!

Egg in a Hole Avo Cups

Serves: 2 // Prep Time: 30 min


1 ripe avocado

2 eggs



Chili Flakes



Preheat oven to 425 degrees farenheit.

Crack eggs into a bowl, being careful to keep the yolk intact.

Cut avocados in half lengthwise, remove the pit, and with a small spoon carefully scoop out about one tablespoon of avo from the center.

Arrange avocados on a baking sheet with cut end up. If the avocado is wobbly, create a ring out of tinfoil for each half.

Carefully spoon one egg yolk into each half, then fill up with egg white.

Sprinkle salt, pepper, chilli flakes, and parsley over each avocado half.

Bake 10-15 minutes until the eggs reach the desired consistency.

Remove from oven, garnish, and eat while it’s hot!

I hope you love this recipe as much as I do! When you decide to make it, comment below, let us know what you think, and post a photo on Instagram with the hashtag #besynchro so we can see it. Can’t wait to connect!

Stay Synchro,



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