The Power of Water (part 2) - The First 10 Days


                   our water jugs and wall shrine

     Part two of this series requires a sort of prerequisite disclaimer: what became most clear over the course of the 10 days was less any discreet effects of consuming exclusively spring water, and more that we knew the conclusion of the experiment before it even started. Of course drinking exclusively water collected from the side of a mountain would feel amazing.  Of course drinking mineral-rich, free-running water is Synchro.  This was somewhat obvious from the conception of the experiment, and is even more so now.  If our own intuitive understanding wasn't enough, there are plenty of data-informed experts in the superfood and nutrition worlds who will quickly confirm this.

     Still, there is something to be learned here.  For me personally, spring water is not something I notice in the body/mind in the same way I notice the high from a good dose of raw cacao or maca.  The effect is more subtle, yet more pervasive.  It is certainly stating the obvious to say, but water is so fundamental to the functioning of the body, knowing that you're getting clear, clean, energetically vibrant water all day is psychologically powerful.  Compared to being aware that your drinking water has been sitting in concrete, PVC or metal pipes for the past few hours, it is a huge shift.  I'm thinking about water as nourishing when I'm drinking it and my body seems to intuitively know the same.  The water is nutritionally superior by conventional measures, sure - but it is this psychological effect that is the most powerful.  This feels like a lifehack of sorts, and a powerful one at that.  The substance you consume more than any other becomes associated with building, growing, healing, vibrancy.  There is no question this is Synchro.

This is obviously something we are totally committed to now.  The idea of returning to drinking tap water is non-negotiable.  Not going to happen.  We made another trek to Marin last weekend to collect again and we have another trip planned for Saturday.  Its time intensive, sure, but damn is it worth it. 

If you're not doing this already, get on it.  You'll "get it" pretty quickly and thank yourself later.  Find a spring here. 

(a note: credit for the above photo and wall shrine goes to the resident Synchro Chaos Magic Sorceress, Ariana Campellone.  Stating the obvious, her shrines are powerful, stunning works of art.  If you are in the sf bay area, she does captivating custom shrines using collected organic artifacts. Your wall, your home and your family, your intent...her magic.   

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