The Power of Water - An experiment with natural spring water.


The importance of water quality has been written about more times than necessary and doesn't need re-hashing here.  Still, there are many different ways to approach water quality.  Purity is obvious.  Chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals and who knows what else are commonly found in the substance coming out of our taps that we expect to be only H20.  Mineral content is less obvious but still widely considered. This is what largely determines the taste and mouth-feel of water and is why people (like me) happily pay $3 a bottle for water flown in from springs in Germany or France.

     But beyond the absence of any impurities or presence of minerals, there is another quality to water that is simultaneously more subtle and potentially more powerful.  At risk of venturing too far into the new-age here, I'm going to stay on the conservative side when talking about what is best described as the energetic state of the water we drink.  The science to support any musings on the energetic state of water is ambiguous at best, so I'll stay on the side of the anecdotal and experiential here.  Drink water straight from the headwaters of the Sacramento River in Mt. Shasta, CA, for example and its clear there's something different going on here.  The water not only tastes amazing, it feels amazing.  

We're now doing an experiment here at Synchro HQ to make ourselves the test subjects to see the potential benefits of drinking only high-quality fresh spring water. Inspired by a recent move across the SF Bay from San Francisco (great water - from Hetch Hetchy) to Oakland (*amazing* city, bad water), we went yesterday to collect spring water from Red Rock Beach Spring near Mt. Tamalpais in Marin, CA.  We definitely have been drinking at least some tap water here in Oakland, so I think we make pretty good test subjects.

Already in day one, the effects are noticeable.  The water tastes great, of course, which has its own psychologically-derived health benefits - but beyond that there is definitely a powerful feeling to drinking fresh spring water all day.  I'll reserve further comment for now until we've run the "experiment" for a week or so.  I'll report back.


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