Send Us Your Best Photo Or Video

1. Grab your smartphone or camera.

Any one will do. Make sure you have natural, bright light to take your photo or video. Or even better, ask a friend to help you!

2. Take a photo or shoot a video.

Make sure we can clearly see the product and your face.

Tell us how you’ve benefited since Gold has been a part of your life!

What was your life like before and after using Gold?
What would you say if you were going to recommend it to a friend?

(The best videos tend to be framed from the chest up, and shot against an uncluttered or natural background….and holding or otherwise having a bottle of Gold in the shot gets you bonus points!)

3. Send us your photo or video by Monday, March 2nd.

You can email it directly from your phone to

If you have any trouble with this step, let us know and we’d be happy to help you figure it out!

As soon as we receive your photo or video, we’ll send you a 25% off discount to our whole store.
We’ll let you know within 10 days if we’re going to use your video, and if so we'll send you another discount, this time for 50% off to our whole store.

And a reminder...we’re only accepting submissions until Monday, March 2nd, so send us your photo or video today!