What Can We Learn From Our Bowel Movements? (Infographic)

What Can We Learn From Our Bowel Movements? (Infographic)

A huge part of building and maintaing optimal health is actively collecting data from our bodies and adapting our diets and other wellness protocols accordingly. 

Data can come from the scale, measuring athletic performance, cognitive tests - or my recent favorite, urine-based reagent tests like these from Phinex.

Data can also come from somewhere more, um, basic - our bowel movements.

It's hard to overstate the importance of good digestion for optimal health - not only is healthy digestion essential in ensuring we absorb the nutrients from our food, it also has a huge impact on emotional states as well as our basal metabolic rate (a primary determinant of "energy" levels).

Paying attention to the quality of your bowel movements each day is one of the best ways we have to monitor the quality of our digestion. 

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