Every person, regardless of their background, performs a series of habitual behaviors every day. These behaviors might include brushing one’s teeth, drinking a cup of coffee, or running on a treadmill. While every day might look different, the underlying patterns of our lives are generally the same.

When grouped together and viewed from an outside perspective, these behaviors form a lifestyle. Our lifestyles are what bind us together and create solidarity amongst large groups. Every culture, including nationalities, religions, and niche sub-cultures, all find a sense of community in their shared lifestyles.

While there is no objectively perfect lifestyle, we do believe at any given time there is a way of living that is most aligned with our highest potential. This way of living is what we call being synchro

When we are synchro, we are in a state of synchrony, both within ourselves, and in relationship to others and the larger world. Being synchro means we are aligned with our highest purpose and are actualizing our fullest potential; it means we are healthy, vibrant, and alive, and perhaps most importantly, it means we aren't suffering in the process.

When we are synchro, life feels, not necessarily easy, but fun. The world is full of opportunities, not problems, and there is no one to blame when things go wrong, because nothing can ever "go wrong". We believe living the life of our dreams, finding excellence, self-mastery, and self-transcendence is not only possible, but entirely accessible, to anyone.

So, how do we live a synchro life and become higher expressions of ourselves in every moment? We created Synchro Life to explore the myriad answers to this very question. Our goal is to create a platform that continually curates and evolves the leading perspectives on the why, what, and how of being synchro.


Genesis is our first physical product – it's a superfood energy shake combining some of the most powerful foods on planet earth into a revolutionary blend that keeps the mind clear and the body satiated all day long. We created Genesis because we know that regardless of what type of development we are seeking to create in our lives, in order to become truly extraordinary we must deal with the constraints of our physical body. The design imperative underlying Synchro Genesis was to find the simplest yet most powerful blend of nutrients that was pleasant to consume multiple times per day while sustaining maximum levels of energy, vitality, and creativity. 

We've all had that feeling of being in the flow before, but more often than not its fleeting and hard to conjure on demand. We try to get back there by consuming coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, and other drugs, but generally are unable to sustain that magical feeling.

Synchro Genesis was designed to be an unbelievably delicious way to deliver our bodies the most nutrients in the shortest amount of time so that we can easily sustain higher levels of performance, thinking, and creativity every day.


Our mission is to create a world where the Synchro Lifestyle is embodied most deeply by the greatest number of people. We believe humanity is in the process of a dramatic evolutionary shift. We call this shift synchrogenesis – the emergent leap from individual to planetary consciousness, wherein all human beings begin to function as a single collective organism. We believe that culture evolves when individuals evolve, and we believe the basis for all human transformation is a conscious change in our daily lifestyle choices, from the food we eat, to the products we buy, and the media we consume. If tomorrow the entire world woke up and decided to live differently, that is, shift the fundamental patterns of their life, the world could be transformed in a day.

Our goal is to use the simple power of media and lifestyle products to help accelerate this natural evolutionary process. In the coming months and years we will be building a library of content, from articles and online courses, to books, films, podcasts, video feeds, music, and games, in a continual attempt to communicate our growing understanding of the Synchro Lifestyle while also generating conversation that allows that understanding to be collective, co-created, and continually evolved.  This information will be complemented by physical products that we believe help anchor, reinforce, and support positive and transformative ways of being. Such products will include superfoods and nutritional supplements, apparel, fitness equipment, and various emerging lifestyle technologies.