6 Disturbing Facts About The Fluoride In Our Tap Water (Infographic)

6 Disturbing Facts About The Fluoride In Our Tap Water (Infographic)

More and more evidence is showing that the widespread fluoridation of tap water might be one of the great public policy disasters of our time.  

Fluoride has been linked to brain damage in over 100 human studies.

Not even mentioned by this infographic are two other problems I find equally troubling:

  1. Fluoride (along with the chlorine also added to our tap water) has been shown to disrupt the bacteria in our digestive tract. Given how critical we know our gut flora to be for everything from digestion to immune system function to hormonal function - it's nothing short of dangerous to be poisoning your gut bacteria with fluoride on a daily basis.
  2. Fluoride is absorbed readily by our thyroid gland, where it blocks absorption of the nutrients our thyroids need  to function (iodine). This can lead to hypothroidism, a common cause of weight gain and low energy levels. 

    In fact, until relatively recently, fluoride was prescribed as a medication for hyperthyroidism (over-active thyroid).  Why?  It was the most consistent means doctors had to slow down thryroid function.


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