Our Eco Obsession: Why We Use The Packaging We Use

It's a reflection on the state of things that eco-friendly packaging requires a fair amount of extra cost and logistical work. We wish that industry standards were aligned with forward-thinking ecological principles, but sadly, that’s rarely the case. 

Nevertheless, we stand by our promise: we will always seek out the lowest-energy, lowest-waste, and most recyclable materials, no matter what extra costs we incur in the process. The products that support your health shouldn’t require you to make ethical sacrifices. After all, minimizing our ecological impact is an essential part of Life in Sync.

Minimal Ecological Impact At Every Opportunity

Here are a few examples of the steps we’ve taken to ensure the minimum ecological impact of our products. 

  1. Our Gold Liposomal Turmeric Capsules and Micro•Bios Probiotics ship in fully recyclable/biodegradable padded mailers. 

That's post-consumer paper used in place of plastic bubble padding in these biodegradable envelopes.

  1. All of our packing materials are fully recyclable/biodegradable: the boxes, the packing paper...even the tape! We use zero bubble wrap, plastic air padding, or plastic tape.

Yep, even the tape is made from biodegradable paper.

  1. Genesis, Ketobasis, and Pre•Bios are packaged in cardboard canisters that use far less energy and are fully recyclable. The plastic canisters other companies use are made in China and ship empty across the Pacifica huge waste of energy, both in production and in shipping. Our cardboard canisters are formed on-site at our southern California manufacturing facilityfar and away the lowest-energy, lowest-impact packaging solution out there.

We generally re-use these canisters rather than recycle, but they are fully recyclable. 

  1. For our liquid and encapsulated products where cardboard canisters were not an option, we use the smallest-possible fully recyclable plastic and glass bottles (made from post-consumer waste whenever possible). You’ll notice other companies use unnecessarily large plastic containers to take up more space on store shelvesa terribly wasteful practice we refuse to engage in.

If we were competing for shelf space, those Micro•Bios bottles would (unnecessarily) be twice as big. Thankfully, we're not playing that game.

  1. All of our products are manufactured and packaged in the US primarily for Quality-Assurance reasons, but this also has the benefit of significantly reducing energy required for transportation compared to products manufactured overseas.

What it looks like to receive a package from us. No plastic packaging materials to be seen.

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